Cómo Realizar una orden en Íntima Hogar USA

How to Place an Order at Íntima Hogar USA

We are excited to share with you the easy process to place your orders and transform your home with our collection of products. Whether you buy for Business or want to place an order for products for yourself. You can do it with one of our friendly consultants by phone📞 or through our website💻

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Transformando tu Espacio con Elegancia: Consejos de Decoración de Otoño con Íntima USA

Transforming your Space with Elegance: Fall Decorating Tips with Íntima USA

🍁At Intima USA, we know that your home is a reflection of your unique style. With the arrival of autumn, it is the perfect time to transform your space into a warm and cozy corner. In this blog, we will share decorating tips inspired by the season, Intima USA will help you achieve that elegant and autumnal atmosphere you want.🍁

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¡Dale vida a la habitación de tus hijos sin gastar mucho dinero!

Give life to your children's room without spending a lot of money!

As parents, we always want to provide the best for our children, even when it comes to the decoration of their rooms. But that doesn't mean we have to break the bank to achieve it.

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Emprender sin dinero: El poder de las tandas para hacer realidad tu sueño

Starting without money: The power of batches to make your dream come true

If you are looking for a way to start your own business without having to make a large initial investment, you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to explore an effective strategy to start using batches to your advantage. Discover how you can take advantage of this opportunity to sell our bedding and home linen products through a catalog and start your own business without having to make an investment of money.

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Diferencias Coordinados Juegos

Differences between Coordinates and Games

Surely you have heard about Quilt Coordinates and Quilt Sets and you don't know for sure the difference between one and the other. At first glance, both may seem the same, but in reality there are important differences that are worth knowing before making a purchasing decision.

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Emprender vender productos catálogo opción atractiva

Why is starting to sell products through a catalog an attractive option?

Starting out by selling products through a catalog can be an attractive option for those looking to start their own business. Unlike other forms of business, the initial cost of starting a business is relatively low, and catalog companies offer starter packages that include everything you need to get started, such as catalogs, product samples, and marketing tools. Intima Hogar has the advantage that it does not charge membership, nor does it require purchase minimums to maintain the wholesale price and the best thing is that it sends free catalogs so you can start selling.

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Lavar Edredón o Duvet

How to Wash a Duvet or Duvet?

When you have soft, comfortable bedding, like a comforter or duvet, you always want to keep it clean and in the best condition possible. However, did you know that caring for and washing your comforter or duvet is very different from washing regular sheets and blankets? If you want your products to maintain their original colors and last longer, follow these washing recommendations! Find out below how to wash a comforter or duvet.

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Predicciones 2019 para Crecer Financieramente2019

Horoscope 2019: Sign by Sign Predictions for Financial Growth

With the new year always comes new opportunities. It's only up to you to take advantage of them! This is the 2019 horoscope for each of the zodiac signs. Discover your strengths and start the new year full of positive energy and desire to undertake!

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Propósitos para empezar el 2019

10 Resolutions for 2019

For many, a new year means another opportunity to start a change in their lives. Leave bad habits behind, travel, try new things, undertake and change what needs to be changed. Next, we bring you 10 resolutions for 2019, they will change your life if you make the effort to make them come true!

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Recetas para las Fiestas

Recipe Ideas for New Year's Eve Parties

Here you will find some recipe ideas for the end of year holidays, our goal is that you can meet with your loved ones and celebrate with the typical dishes of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year

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