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How to build the map of dreams in 2017

Are you looking for how to build the map of dreams? You can't miss today's article, keep reading!

What is the dream map?

Dream mapping is something everyone should do at some point in their lives. It is a painting made with photographs that represent our dreams. It can be as short or as long as you want.

Maps are graphic representations of places, they are the reference that many explorers need to not get lost on their journey. A tool that allows us to locate ourselves, like when we want to know how to travel from one place to another or where we are, right? The same goes for the dream map.

This tool helps us program the course of our journey to meet the goals and objectives set. It can be made in electronic format or manually (with printed photos or magazine clippings glued on cardboard).

Now that we know what a dream map is, let's move on to what it should contain.

What should the dream map contain?

Everything you would like to live in your life. It is recommended that you make a list of all your dreams and then choose between 5 to 10 goals or purposes.

Take into account the following recommendations when making your list:

Dream Map

Don't rush, take the time you need to make the list of your dreams.

The first few days write down a few dreams or desires, whatever comes to mind, without forcing yourself.

Expand the list

Spend about 15 minutes each day to continue expanding the list. However, don't limit yourself, it is also possible for ideas to arrive unexpectedly at any time of the day. For example, when you are working. So have a pencil and paper handy to write down your dreams!

Clearly define what you want

It is extremely important that you clearly define what you want. Since on many occasions goals are set that are not achievable.

Evaluate the limitations

Not being aware of our limits is another common mistake we make when creating our goals/wish lists. Don't forget that just as you have great skills and abilities, you also have limitations that you must consider to find a way to compensate for them.

Set a date

Goals require time and work, an aspect that must be very clear when setting a goal for 2017.

Don't get carried away by time pressure when proposing a dream. Evaluate very well the fronts such as the why, the what, the why and the how when setting a date.


How to make the map of desires

Step #1 Materials
  • Marker
  • Glue stick
  • Cardboards
  • Journals
  • Scissors

Step #2 Choose 5 dreams/desires from the list

After a minimum of 7 days, choose 5 dreams or wishes from the list. Those that are most important to you. Do you want to choose 10 dreams? No problem, you can do it too. Take the cardboard and write your goals for this year on it.

Step #3 Time to organize your dreams and cut out the images

Sort your dreams from most to least important and look for magazine clippings or photographs that correspond to your chosen desires.

Step #4 Crop a photo of yourself

Take a photo of yourself looking excited, crop it and make it the center of your wish map.

Step #5 Title your map

Take the marker and write the title of your map on the top of the cardboard. For example, “Dream Map”, you can also customize it and choose the title you like the most!

Step #6 Paste the images

Take the images that you have cut out and place them harmoniously on the cardboard. Remember that ideally your photo is in the center.

Step #7 Place your map in a visible place

Once you have built your dream map, comes the most important part: placing it in a visible place where you can see it every day.

And if technology is your thing, you can also do all this in electronic format. A good idea would be to place it on your computer wallpaper


We hope this map guides you on the right path to fulfill your wishes in 2017!

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