¿Quieres vender más? Echale un vistazo a estos 5 consejos y comienza a organizar tu fiesta!

How to Organize a Successful Party to Sell More Get Ready to Party!

There is nothing better than having fun working and in your own business! And I tell you this because in my years of experience in direct sales I have participated in thousands of house parties with successful sales. Do you want to sell more? Take a look at these 5 tips and start organizing your party!

If you are already selling through a catalog or are considering it, it is very important that you know that we, as independent representatives, have to go home or to work or wherever our friend is to show her the catalogs and be able to sell. And many of our friends or clients are sometimes so busy that it is difficult to see everyone in their free time. But for everything there is a solution and today we will tell you about it.

Fun ideas to increase your catalog sales

5 Tips to achieve success and sell more by organizing a party!

A party is a good idea to invite all your friends, socialize and meet new people and sell more. These types of meetings bring benefits to you and your guests! Check out these 5 tips to make the party a success:

  1. Time : They are a great time saver for you as well as for them. Between talk and gossip, get out your catalogs! It's time for everyone to listen to you and be encouraged to buy something from you. Plus you save the time of going to several businesses to find what you're looking for, right?
  2. Win-win : There are situations where some of our friends or family members feel uncomfortable at home for whatever reason. Whether it's cleaning, or because your apartment is too small, too noisy because of children or pets, etc. And a party or meeting outside their home will be the best opportunity for you and them! It gives you the opportunity to sell more and gives them an excuse to get together with friends and go shopping!
  3. Socialize : If you don't know many people, don't worry, tell your friends to bring more friends! A party or meeting will help you meet new people, make friends with them and start creating relationships. Everything is a good opportunity to sell more.
  4. Don't sell, talk better : Remember something very important, people don't like to be sold, forget about phrases like Buy today! NO! Better take advantage and tell them about your experience, the benefits, your results and the products, what is fashionable. Then your friends will naturally be interested and want to know more. Pssst! You could even take advantage, inspire them and invite them so that they can also sell like you and be part of your team. (If you want to know more about how to build a direct sales team, don't miss this article)
  5. Positivism : it is very easy to have a party, your energy will spread enthusiasm, plus an atmosphere of conversation and friends will always be fun and people will enjoy it as much as you do!

How to Organize a Party to Sell

Now that we have told you some of the advantages and tips for organizing a party at your home. Get your batteries! Start checking your friends' available days and times. Remember that it is a great opportunity to have a delicious time with your friends and meet new people. Plus, occasionally getting out of the ordinary routine of being at home or at work every day can get your friends shopping and having fun!

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