La venta directa te permite montar tu propio negocio dentro de una estructura ya establecida y con éxito comprobado y con el respaldo de una empresa con experiencia en el mercado. A partir de hoy mismo y armada de un catálogo, puedes planificar tus metas

Direct Catalog Sales It's Time to Earn Money!

Direct catalog sales allow you to work full-time or part-time and continue with your job or work from home, raise your children or have more free time, you decide! Imagine being able to travel or do your favorite activities and have an extra income with comfort. Now you will have more time and money to enjoy it.

Direct selling allows you to set up your own business within an already established structure with proven success and with the support of a company with experience in the market. Starting today and armed with a catalog, you can plan your goals and achieve them. It's time to make money!

Open your direct catalog sales business

Clothing catalogs or quilt and duvet catalogs?

Take advantage of your good taste. If you like to advise people on decorating their home, start there. If you prefer to advise on how to dress, direct sales through clothing catalogs are ideal for you. Because who doesn't like to receive good advice on their purchases? Once you have a list of clients, you can add the other catalog and thus offer a greater variety of products.

Your ability to relate to people and your passion for advising other people on fashion and decoration will help you grow your sales. Imagine doing what you love, but also making a profit doing it. Direct catalog sales are the business you were looking for to earn more money.

Take advantage of your network of acquaintances!

Surely the first thing you ask yourself is how you will achieve sales. Organize meetings at friends' and clients' homes. While they chat and drink coffee, let them choose the pieces they want to buy and take the orders. You will see how many of your clients will become your friends and as clients and friends they will prefer to buy through you instead of going to a store because they trust you and the service you provide.

Everyone you know can become your future clients. Take advantage of social networks. Nowadays, we all have access to friends, colleagues, neighbors and acquaintances through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Tell them that you sell directly and through catalogs and share photos of your favorite products. More than one will come to you and ask if they can buy it.

Open your own direct catalog sales business today

Open your own direct catalog sales business and do what you love. Your future clients are waiting for you. Catalog sales in the USA are profitable and easy to access. It does not require more investment than your time and the desire you put into it.

With Intima you can offer products of guaranteed quality and with exclusive licenses, there is no need to purchase a product beforehand, your first set of catalogs is free and you do not have to meet sales quotas, or anything. In addition, the products from Intima Hogar and Stefano Di Roma are of high quality and you will have the guarantee of a company with more than 30 years in the market. This is very important when you offer products to your customers because your reputation is at stake.

If you have already thought about opening your own business or being your own boss, and now that you know about direct catalog sales, what are you waiting for? You have the opportunity at your fingertips!

Direct catalog sales in the USA have extraordinary benefits. Imagine that you can do what you like, whenever you want! Take advantage of your network of acquaintances and family to expand your business. The time has come to embark on a better path!

And here we give you a Chinese proverb to reflect on. :)

A year from now you will wish you had started today. Don't postpone your success!

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