¡10 Mejores Técnicas de Venta en el 2017!

The 10 Best Sales Techniques in 2017!

No matter what your role is, selling is surely part of your job. And it is that both on a conscious and unconscious level almost every day we close some type of deal and we do our best to convince someone and negotiate. Selling can also be a bit complicated if we are not prepared for action, right? So don't miss another sale, discover the best sales techniques below, you can't miss them!

The best sales techniques

There are many reasons why a professional would need to know sales techniques. For example, to teach investors or managers how a project will generate investment; to convince others that an idea has validity; to help workers understand the advantages of a new process, among others.

Without a doubt, sales skills are key to any business and/or professional career. For this reason, today we bring you the best sales techniques that you can find in 2017.

build relationships

Understand your market

You can't be an effective salesperson if you don't understand who you're selling to and what the market looks like. It is not enough to know the company name, website URL and email. The idea is to really understand what makes the difference.

It's not just about the buyer either, it's also important to know the competition. What is the competitive landscape like? Your goal is to examine how the competition is working and do something different. Bet on standing out and being unique.

Build relationships

Salespeople with extensive experience know very well that selling is a matter of percentage: the more contacts there are, the greater the probability of finding a potential client.

For this reason, the main objective of a good salesperson is to obtain the maximum number of contacts possible. And making a sale is not a short-term objective. The ideal thing is to build a lasting relationship that generates commercial links with the user.

Study customers

It doesn't matter if your customer is internal (for example, your coworker) or external, the more you know about them, the more easily you can influence their decisions.

Actively listen

Active listening is a way of communicating where you show the speaker that the listener has understood him or her.

It is a communication skill where you not only listen to what the person is expressing directly, but also the ideas, feelings or thoughts that underlie what they are saying.

Study customers

Ask questions to discover customer needs

If you can't satisfy the customer's needs, you won't be able to make a successful sale. And if you don't ask the right questions either, you won't know what your customer needs.

Once you have learned how you can help, you will be able to tell the potential customer how you and your product or service are able to help them achieve success.

Promise less and deliver more

The best marketers know the importance of keeping their users' expectations at a medium level.

In this way, when the product or service is delivered in excellent conditions, the customer is satisfied. Remember that a good user experience is the key to achieving future sales with it.

Educate customers

Try to be one step ahead of your client

Reputable sellers understand their customers, research them thoroughly, and learn how their production works.

All this with the aim of finding problems and opportunities even before the client knows them.

Convince your clients – through themselves

Your job is to ask the right questions and let users convince themselves that they need the service or product.

Build trust and educate your customer

Building trust can become a difficult task when you are selling someone a product or service… However, a very good way to achieve this is through education.

Use a blog, content offers, Webinars, etc. All this to educate your client about what your organization offers. If you educate your customers and allow them to make their own decisions (which you have guided toward your solution), they will begin to trust you.

Focus on the benefits

Instead of focusing on the features of your solution, think about how those features can benefit your customer.

When you talk about the benefits of your product or service, it will be much easier for you to convince your customer that your organization can effectively solve their needs.

We hope that the content of this post has been useful to you. And you? Do you know other sales techniques? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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