Tu negocio de venta por catálogo a otro nivel

Take your catalog sales business to another level

Today, the popularity of the catalog sales business continues to increase thanks to the convenience and service it provides to customers. Additionally, consumers continue to look for ways to save time instead of shopping at local malls, making catalog shopping a highly desired option.

Are you just getting started in catalog sales and want a solid business? Get ready to take your business to the next level with today's article!

How to build a solid business through catalog sales

Discover below some tips to build a solid business through catalog sales, don't stop reading!

Know your clients

Knowing your customers will allow you to focus on your goals and significantly increase your sales by satisfying their needs. Obtain information about your customers by talking to them, knowing their tastes and preferences. In this way you will be able to understand: who they are; when, where and what they want to buy.

Try to identify the primary needs and tastes of your potential client, so that you can offer the appropriate options. For example, does your client have children? You already know that you can offer a wide variety of options adapted to your little ones.

Social networks, your best ally

Social networks, your best ally

Your followers will like, comment and share. Which will increase the exposure of your product catalogs, attracting new customers. Be sure to remind your customers about limited-time offers, free shipping if applicable, and new products.

Always carry the catalogs with you

Never leave catalogs at home! Teach them at work, at social gatherings, after church, at your children's school, when appropriate. The more people find out about your catalog sales business, the greater the chance that your number of customers will increase.

Give your client several options

Give your client several options

As a direct catalog seller, there may be times when a certain product is not available. However, don't let this affect your sale, offer more than one option based on your customer's needs.

Define your space and a work schedule

Define your space and a work schedule

Direct sales through catalogs allow you to work when and how much you want. However, it is recommended that you define your space and a work schedule. This will help your mind distinguish where you do your work and where you rest, to prevent you from being distracted when your work requires maximum productivity.

Keep an agenda with you

It will be very useful for you to have an agenda or organizer where you can write down your clients' basic information such as their phone numbers, their birthdays and of course their orders. This is a very valuable tool when organizing your business.

Benefits of catalog sales with Íntima

With Íntima you can offer your clients products of guaranteed quality and with exclusive licenses. You will not need to purchase products beforehand because your first set of catalogs is free, nor will you need to meet sales quotas.

In addition, the products of Íntima Hogar and Stefano Di Roma are of guaranteed quality, you will have the guarantee of a solid company with more than 30 years of experience in the market.

If you have already thought about starting your own business, what are you waiting for? You have the opportunity at your fingertips with catalog sales!

Íntima, the leading catalog sales company, presents you:

Intimate Home
  • More than 400 quality products.
  • Exclusive designs for all tastes and all budgets
Stefano Di Roma
  • The most complete line of clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women with the Mexican seal.
How to start a catalog sales business with Íntima

How to start a catalog sales business with Íntima

With just 1 call you can order the 2 catalogs Your kit contains:
  • Two luxury catalogs with the products of Íntima Hogar and Stefano Di Roma
  • Introduction manual with valuable information for your catalog sales business
  • Your confidential price list

Each page of the catalogs includes a photo of a product, name, description and price. Look in the confidential price list for the price of the product so you know the value of the profit margin.

Start selling

Take the catalogs with you and start selling to family and friends. Show them at work, family gatherings, at your children's school, etc...

Place your orders

To place your orders, call 1-877-426-2627 (completely free calls) or visit us on our website www.intimausa.com

Get ready to receive the merchandise at the door of your house

With Íntima, you have in your hands a new business opportunity to easily and quickly improve your income and make your dreams come true.

Now that you know what the system is like, take advantage of this fabulous opportunity and offer the products to as many people as you can. What are you waiting for? Register and receive your free catalogs!

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