Colección Verano 2018 - Stefano Di Roma

New Summer 2018 Collection - Stefano Di Roma

The long-awaited summer is approaching and with it the updating of your wardrobe. For fashion lovers, this is a fabulous time, full of fresh, colorful clothes that match the season perfectly. Stefano di Roma arrives with his new Summer 2018 collection, full of spectacular items of excellent quality, which, as always, we are going to fall in love with.

Discover below the latest fashion trends for women and men offered by Stefano di Roma's new Summer 2018 collection .

Summer 2018 Collection - Stefano Di Roma

The Stefano Di Roma catalogue, summer 2018 collection, offers unique designs and an incredible collection of shoes, clothing and accessories to buy and sell. What are you waiting for? Get inspired!

Lady Clothing

The Stefano Di Roma Summer 2018 collection came loaded with everything you need to prepare your best look for this Summer. This includes clothing in vibrant colors such as red, yellow and blue. It also brings varied models of blouses for all tastes, you will find crop tops, as well as off-the-shoulder blouses for the most daring and for more classic styles you will find shirts like the Mulla Blouse and the Gianella Blouse , which are a must-have in your closet!

Flowers of course are still in trend, you can now choose between the Madonna Set and the Amaranta Dress , and if you prefer a more casual look you can decide on the Ashly Set or the Betzy blouse, two designs that you will love.

This collection brings together a wonderful variety of dresses , sets, jumpers , jeans , palazzo pants ,blouses , skirts , shorts and much more.

Get to know our new products in the Spring Summer 2018 collection of women's clothing and dress with a unique style. Combine your favorite clothes and look fantastic!

Lady Clothing
Women shoes

Women shoes

Shoes are the most prized fashion items for women. Whether comfortable and casual or elegant and sophisticated, the truth is that all women love shoes, right?

However, the comfort of our footwear is key to enjoying the summer to the fullest. This Summer 2018 season, Stefano Di Roma's footwear catalog comes with comfortable and sophisticated trends to add style to fashionista women.

In this new collection you will find the most trendy shoes, flowers and metallics continue to be the favorites of this season, we recommend you see the Shanty flats or the Asia sandals to look incredible. In this collection you will find everything from flats and sandals to sneakers and platforms that will make you look great. As well as tennis shoes and espadrilles with amazing designs. Don't let your feet go unnoticed this season that is already here!


Clothes can make up the majority of an outfit, but at Íntima we know that accessories are more important than most think.

As if that were not enough, this new collection also comes loaded with incredible accessories such as the Isaura Belt, which with its animal print color matches perfectly with any black pants and best of all, its price is unbeatable. Stefano Di Roma belts complement your look so you can show each garment in its best splendor! And to be a fashionista woman, you not only have to wear clothes that look great, the clothes also have to be accompanied by excellent accessories.

Girl's Clothing and Shoes

Girls' clothing and shoes are not left out in the Summer 2018 collection either. This new catalog is designed to dress your girl with style and creativity.

You will find the best fashion for girls designed to be worn at any time at Stefano Di Roma. From blouses, skirts, shorts and dresses, to jeans, tennis shoes, flats and sandals, everything necessary for girls to look beautiful and fashionable.

Girl's Clothing and Shoes
Men's Shoes

Mens clothing

To continue with the amazing products that this new Summer 2018 collection brings you, we move on to the men's and children's section.

As for men, everything you need to complete your casual look will be found in the new summer 2018 collection. The latest trends in men's fashion are here, from checked shirts like the Fabrizio short sleeve shirt and the Adolfo pink shirt which brings a great touch to the cuffs and collar with a checkered fabric. For those looking for a more casual garment, t-shirts and shorts are an excellent option for this season. In addition, Stefano Di Roma has a variety of jeans and pants that fit every taste. There are many options to enjoy and feel good, you can easily combine your favorite clothes!

Men's footwear

According to great designers, there is something key in men's fashion: men want to feel comfortable and look good. The men's footwear collection includes the best designs in men's shoes. From elegant dress shoes , to casual shoes , boots and sneakers.

What are you waiting for? Discover the latest trend in men's footwear now, we have countless designs and versatile styles.

Clothes for children

Finally, in Stefano di Roma's Summer 2018 collection you can also enjoy children's clothing. You will find the best shirts, t-shirts, pants, jeans and shoes for children in the Stefano di Roma catalogue, fashion designed to be worn at any time!

Clothes for children
We hope you liked the content of this article and don't forget to take a look at Stefano Di Roma's new Spring Summer 2018 collection , you'll love it! Feel free to share with us what your favorite look would be.

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