Los Mayores obstáculos para conseguir el éxito

The Biggest Obstacle to Achieving Success: The Story You Make Yourself

One of the biggest obstacles to achieving success in your business is conditioning yourself with the story that you yourself create. What to do to overcome it?

Let's talk a little about stories, we all have one, the important thing is to focus on what we want to tell about ourselves, about our business, about the path to success. This story that you create for yourself can propel you to success or take you back to the past.

If you let your fears out, you will have more space to live your dreams” – Marilyn Monroe

It is very common to find people with the opposite attitude, people who think “I have never run a successful business”, “I have never done well”, “I am a mother, I won't be able to do it”. Many women think “if I invest time in a business I will neglect my family or my marriage” or “Those successful women have skills that I don't”, “I'm shy, I don't speak well to people”.

These are the typical stories that can be an obstacle on your path to success. The important thing is to think about how to build the success of your business.

A story that pushes us to success

The best advice to keep in mind to avoid going backwards on your path to success is to have a story that drives you to success. Maintaining a positive attitude and thoughts is one of the fundamental aspects. If you are being successful in your business, it is because you are telling yourself a story that you can realize.

Maybe you have experience at another direct sales company, maybe you are an entrepreneur, or you are successful in other aspects of your life. When you realize this, look at other independent direct sales representatives and think: “There's no difference with me, I can do it, I'm going to be successful!” The secret is to create a story that allows you to achieve success in your business.

The Biggest Obstacle to Achieving Success

You can keep thinking that you will not achieve it, that you have no capabilities, but if the story that you yourself create is positive, if you project yourself affirmatively for what is to come... you can create and achieve everything you want to be!

Optimistic thoughts that help us focus on our goal

These are some examples of positive thoughts that will encourage you on your path to success: “That woman had no experience, but she learned, so I can do it too!”, “I am a mother, but so is she. He’s not neglecting his family and he built his business…so I can too!”

The important thing is to think that it doesn't matter what you have done in your life before, if this is what you want to do now.

Remember, you can create any story you want and you can choose the story you want to choose and it will depend on overcoming the obstacles to achieve the success of your business. Because the biggest obstacle to achieving success is the story you make yourself.

Life and its obstacles

Three steps to overcome the obstacles of the story that you make yourself

  • Identify your previous history. If you want to create a new one, you must know what your story was like in the past. Write it down, write down all the things that discourage you.
  • Create and enhance a new alternative. If you want a new story, you have to create it. Also write it down to remember it every day.
  • It will take time to condition and achieve your new story, be patient. Remember: “This is me, this is what I choose to be.” Don't get discouraged, try hard. Every day you will have to work on it and you will see how over time you will completely believe in your new story.

Probably at first you see your new story written and smile thinking that it is impossible to get there. Be consistent, do it over and over again and you will see how you overcome obstacles day by day.

Remember, the way forward is: identify your past story, create a new one and work on it. Whether you will achieve success or remain in the past depends on this. Cheer up!

Think positive

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