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Tips to Keep Bags Impeccable: The Dos and Don'ts of Bags

Nothing says more about a woman than the bag she uses. Keeping them neat, clean and in good condition is not an easy task. We bring you a list of tips to keep your bags impeccable that will help you take care of them.

Women love bags. Adventure companion and essential piece of our wardrobe, today we tell you the dos and don'ts to keep them pretty. Write down these tips to keep your bags impeccable and make your favorite accessory last much longer!

Tips to Keep Bags Impeccable: The Ifs of Bags

Yes to having more than one. Invest in at least two work bags (one for summer and one for winter). This will allow you to divide its use and not abuse the same bag.

Yes to cleanliness and shine. If the bag is made of leather, keeping it moisturized is essential. This will help it look perfect and flawless. There are different specific products for leather bags. A secret? The creamy furniture polish that you use at home… works for this task!

Yes to the exchange. Let's let them rest and not fill them too much. The weight can cause the straps to pull and break. It is important to exchange bags during the week and let's not use one for every day, so we give them a break.

Yes to the interior dividers . Having everything loose and mixed in your bag undermines your ability to look impeccable. Have different smaller bags inside to divide delicate products, like makeup, for example.

Yes, taking care of the closure . When we talk about tips to keep bags impeccable, we cannot fail to mention the correct use and maintenance of the closure. Apply a little wax once a month to keep it lubricated and prevent binding.

Yes to neat saving . Avoid hanging them in your closet without any protection. Ideally you should place them inside a cloth bag. If you are going to store it for a long time, you should fill it with paper so that it does not deform.

Tips to Keep Bags Impeccable: The Dos and Don'ts of Bags. Nothing like a beautiful and well-cared for bag to complete your look. Follow these tips for impeccable bags and always look radiant!

Tips to Keep Bags Spotless: The Don'ts of Bags 

Avoid these actions to keep your favorite bag impeccable!

No to excess content. Carrying even the parakeet in your bag is not a good idea. Doing so will test its strength and deform it.

No to complicated closures . Buy a bag that is difficult to close. If you have a hard time doing it in the store, imagine how difficult it will be when you're in a hurry.

No to reballing anywhere . Throw it like a puck in the air when you get into the car as it may scratch the leather or break something inside.

No to forced drying. One of the secrets and tips to keep bags impeccable is not to use a hair dryer to remove moisture. This will make it too dry. If you have wet your bag, wait for it to dry on its own.

No to dirty or wet hands . If for any reason your hands are dirty, avoid carrying the handles of your bag. Strip stains are the most difficult to remove.

No contact with rain . Try to carry a plastic protector in your bag. A simple nylon bag will protect you from a sudden rain. Preventing it from getting wet is key to keeping your bag impeccable.

Not to eternal use. Avoid leaving it full of things for a long time . Once a month empty your bag and shake it. Daily cleaning will prevent stains and dirt that are difficult to remove.

Nothing like a beautiful and well-cared for bag to complete your look. Purchase some beautiful bags from the Stefano Di Roma catalog and follow these tips for impeccable bags and always look radiant!

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