Ideas para mujeres emprendedoras

Business ideas for female entrepreneurs

In the world of women, not everything is hair and makeup. There are times where we must take our ideas and put them into practice to be the business woman we always dream of being.

Discover our business ideas for entrepreneurial women below!

11 Businesses for entrepreneurial women

Are you looking for financial independence? Do you want to give your life a 360° turn? Get ready because in Íntima we will share 11 business ideas for entrepreneurial women.

It doesn't matter what type of business you want to start. The key is that you know the sector, invest in specialization courses and a business plan with market studies.

Let us begin!

Wedding planner

If you are extremely organized and detail-oriented, becoming a wedding planner can be an excellent business option for you.

Craft sale

If you are good with your hands, take advantage of your creativity right now and start earning money from home doing what you like.

You will be surprised to know the value they give to crafts today! You can sell bracelets, necklaces, doll houses, paintings and any other item that you are able to make with your hands.


Interior decorator

Women, par excellence, have very good taste in things. If you are good at transforming spaces, interior decoration may be what you are looking for. This is a business that you can work part-time and without a large initial investment.

Content Writer

Nowadays, blogs are the source of income for many people. And to stay where they are, they need to publish new content. However, many bloggers don't have the time to update their site, so they turn to someone who can do it for them.

If you think you are good at writing or creating content, don't hesitate and start working from home as a content writer now.


Room rental for tourists

Renting rooms for tourists is a practical and interesting business idea.

Nowadays, there are many tourists looking for the option of renting a room or property to save a few dollars. Hence, you can consider renting a room in your house for this purpose.

There are portals on the Internet where you can register to publicize your option of rooms for tourists, thus guaranteeing the arrival of clients.



You like children? Babysitting may be a great option for you. You can start taking care of children yourself and over time develop your own business with employees.

Beauty salon

Today the personal care market is profitable, so a beauty salon could be an interesting business idea.

A beauty salon covers many areas: hairdressing, nails, makeup... If you don't have many resources to invest, you can start small, choosing just one area.

Beauty salon

Food sale

Does the chef hat suit you well? Make the most of your talent and start selling food now!

You have many options, from selling food at home (hot dogs, hamburgers, typical dishes...), sweets and desserts, to setting up your own restaurant.

Elderly care

Currently, caring for the elderly is a business idea that has more and more clients.

If you like treating and caring for older adults, offering this service could be an excellent business option for you.

Pet Shop

If you are looking for a business idea for entrepreneurial women like you, setting up a pet store is an excellent option.

Turn your love for animals into a sales business. Animal products businesses have not stopped growing in recent years.

Catalog Sales With Intima

Finally, you can open your own catalog sales business.

Catalog sales are a very profitable and easy-to-access business. The best of all is that you don't need any investment other than your time and the desire you have to work.

By selling high-quality products with direct intimate catalog sales you can obtain the economic freedom and time you need for yourself and your family.

The success stories confirm it to us!

If you have already thought about starting your own business, here is the opportunity at your fingertips with catalog sales.

What are you waiting for? Put these business ideas for entrepreneurial women into practice!

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Alexandra on

Encanta sus ideas y espero progresar así como ustedes! Tengo mucho talento pero no la guía o el apoyo necesario pero con ustedes suena inspirador!

Aracelis Gallardo on

Quisiera mas informacion para empezar

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