Regreso al colegio

Back to school season

After the vacation season, the back-to-school season begins and with it the expenses and new business opportunities. Expenses that not only cover school supplies and private schools, but also other aspects such as clothing, footwear and much more.

Some people consider this season chaotic, while others, entrepreneurs willing to multiply their income, an excellent business opportunity. And with students leading a large part of the market, starting school-related businesses can give those interested great possibilities to multiply their income.

Here's how you can make the most of this back-to-school season with catalog sales.

Back to school with catalog sales

Back to school season is the period in which students and their parents purchase school supplies and clothing for the upcoming school year.

For this reason, preparing to start your own catalog sales business during the back-to-school season is a very profitable idea. And the return to school represents an increase in sales of technology products, supplies, clothing and shoes as the top items at this time.

Do you want to take advantage of this season to start a new project or multiply your income? Catalog sales can be a great idea for you! Most parents buy appropriate shoes and clothing for their children when they return to school, a key element that you cannot ignore.

Back to school with catalog sales

Blouses and skirts for girls , shirts, jeans and shorts for boys are examples of items you can sell. Back to school season not only offers you the second biggest shopping time of the year, but also the opportunity to gain new customers and keep them with you all year long.

Catalog sales with Intima USA are very easy

In short, going back to school is a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs for many reasons.

So don't let back-to-school season overwhelm you with expenses. On the contrary, make the most of this season with catalog sales, a profitable business that is very easy to access.

You just need to invest time and the desire you put into it. You can work the hours you want and if you want, from the comfort of your home.

In catalog sales you are your own boss, only you decide!

So take advantage of the back-to-school season to offer your future customers guaranteed quality products with exclusive licenses. You won't have to purchase products in advance because your first set of catalogs is free, nor will you have to meet sales quotas.

In catalog sales you are your own boss, only you decide!
Start the catalog sales business with Íntima
Start the catalog sales business with Íntima

With just 1 call you can order the catalogs. The kit contains 2 luxury catalogs with Íntima Hogar and Stefano Di Roma products, the introduction manual and your confidential price list.

Take the catalogs with you and start selling. Show them at your children's school, at representative meetings, etc... Stefano Di Roma's products for boys and girls are of guaranteed quality, you will have the guarantee of a solid company with more than 30 years of experience in the market .

To order, just call 1-877-426-2627 (completely free calls) or visit

With Íntima, you have in your hands a new business opportunity to easily and quickly improve your income and make your dreams come true.

Now that you know what the system is like, take advantage of this fabulous opportunity to offer the best products for boys and girls to as many people as you can.

What are you waiting for? Cheer up! Start your own catalog sales business and take advantage of this back-to-school season to multiply your income.

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