En este artículo te damos 20 ideas para crecer tu negocio de venta por catálogo de Intima. Así usas una cada día de la semana y lograrás hacer de tu negocio todo un éxito.

20 Ideas to Grow your Intima Catalog Sales Business

In this article we give you 20 ideas to grow your Intima catalog sales business. This way you use one every day of the week and you will be able to make your business a success.

20 Ideas to Grow your Intima Catalog Sales Business

Day 1. Make a list of 100 people you know and who you think can support you in growing your catalog sales business. They can be friends, family, acquaintances from church or from one of your activities. Always have it on hand, you will see how many surprises you will find in it, at the least expected moment some clients will emerge from there.

Day 2. Challenge yourself. Test how many of these 100 people say “no” to a catalog sales home meeting. I assure you that many more people than you expect will join this invitation and many of them will buy one of your products from the Intima catalog.

Day 3. Create a Facebook page exclusively for your business contacts and to promote and grow your Intima catalog sales business.

Day 4. Tell your story. Your acquaintances and potential clients want to hear from you. Take advantage of the web and share your story. Tell why you trust Intima products, what led you to dedicate yourself to catalog sales and how your life has changed since you have this business.

Day 5. Use the Facebook “status” to tell your contacts that you have an Intima catalog sales business. You'll be one step ahead so your friends can contact you. You will see how people you didn't even expect ask to see the products in the catalog.

Day 6. Contact five of the people on the list you created on day 1 to grow your Intima catalog sales business. You will see how you get new clients.

Day 7. Ask your husband, partner, sister or children to tell their co-workers about your Intima catalog sales business and access new clients that were not within your reach.

Day 8. Show the catalog to the parents of your children's classmates while you wait for them to leave school. Cheer up, you have a whole range of opportunities with Intima products to grow your catalog sales business.

Day 9. Make a small advertisement in the local newspaper about your Intima catalog sales business. Enter your name, email or contact phone number to attract new clients close to your home.

Day 10. Always carry the Intima catalog with you. Do you remember any of your doctors' secretaries who are friendly and accessible? Leave a catalog with your contact information at your dentist or doctor's office so their patients can see it.

20 Ideas to Grow your Catalog Sales Business

Day 11. Ask three friends if they can organize a meeting at their house and invite their acquaintances to show your catalog.

Day 12. Contact someone you know who lives in another city and offer to send them a catalog so they can show it to their friends. It will be a good way to open sales borders!

Day 13. Participate in your children's school fundraiser. It is an excellent opportunity to meet more people, potential clients of your catalog sales business.

Day 14. Create a YouTube channel where you can show videos with testimonials from your clients. You can record them with your phone or tablet.

Day 19. Start putting together an address book with the emails of your regular clients to send them information with Intima news. For example, promotions, discounts, new products and you can even send them the link to some of the articles on the Intima blog!

Day 20. Find out if there are any events, fairs or expos that are about to take place in your area where you can show your catalogs and tell about your products and the business opportunity.

Well, you now have one idea per day to apply and grow your Intima catalog sales business. Go ahead, there's still everything to do!

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