Un cierre de ventas es, como la frase lo indica, el final de la venta. Ese momento clave cuando la clienta te dice, “Si, ¡lo compro!” Pero como sabemos llegar a ese momento no es tan sencillo como mostrar la mercadería. Por eso hoy te traemos consejos úti

Sales Closing Techniques: A Basic Guide to Earn More!

Do you want to increase your sales? This basic guide to sales closing techniques will help you achieve this.

A sales closing is, as the phrase indicates, the end of the sale. That key moment when the client tells you, “Yes, I'll buy it!” But as we know, getting to that moment is not as simple as showing the merchandise. That's why today we bring you useful tips to help you close your catalog sales and increase your income.

Sales closing techniques or how to get them to say yes in simple steps

Selling is a whole science that requires practice and dedication on the part of the seller. Luckily there are a series of techniques that we can use to close more sales.

Start your catalog sales business and take advantage of these simple tips to achieve more sales!

The first sales technique is super simple and one of the most overlooked. So much so, that most people forget to put it into practice. It is about asking for closure, that is, asking your client if she wants to buy it.

You may be thinking why people forget to ask this very important question. It's very simple. First of all, when we sell we focus so much on talking about how nice the product is, its good price, its quality that we take for granted that the customer will say yes without us asking. The funny thing is that people generally don't say yes unless asked.

You do not believe me? Do the test. When you talk to someone other than your best friend, tell them that you're planning a party next month. That you plan to go all out, that you even hired a famous band and that the food is going to be super tasty. And don't ask him if he wants to come. Nine out of ten people will smile but won't ask you to invite them. Wait a few minutes and invite her. The answer will more than likely be a resounding yes!

In short, the first of the sales closing techniques is to ask for the sale.

Sales closing techniques or how to get them to say yes in simple steps

The second of the sales closing techniques that we will talk about today is about identifying the reason why our client does not want to buy the product and trying to bring her a solution.

The reasons can be many. For example, the customer may not be sure about purchasing the product. But that answer doesn't tell us anything. Find out a little more about what he thinks. Maybe it's because he doesn't have enough money that day. If possible, you can offer him a batch. Or give you a deposit and the rest the following week. And remember that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to offer a solution. Don't worry. No is always “no, for now”. It's never no forever.

Useful tips to close sales

Finally, write down these tips to ensure that your sales closing techniques work even better.

  • Always be calm and express yourself clearly
  • Use humor when appropriate
  • Always ready with pen in hand (or with your tablet in hand if you're more geeky) to take the order ;)
  • Smile. This is essential. If one day you don't feel like smiling, it is better that you don't go out to sell because it will be transmitted and it will ruin your sales.
  • stay positive
  • Ask once again if she's sure she doesn't want to order because “these shirts sell out pretty quickly, huh?” When people think that an opportunity may be missed, their interest may be piqued.
  • Don't be afraid of failure. Remember that every “no” brings you closer to the “yes”

And make your catalog sales a more than profitable business!

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And we leave you with some inspiring phrases to start using these business tips. :)

Don't let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big - motivational and inspirational phrases

An entrepreneurial woman sees opportunities where others only see problems. Great truth.

If you can dream it you can do it!

Only you decide how big you can be!!!

Strong women do not give up, they do not bend, they do not give in.

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