Calendario de Tareas para Crecer tus Ventas

Task Calendar to Grow your Sales with Intima: Part III

Implement this calendar of ideas one at a time for a month and increase your sales per Intima catalog!

A few months ago we shared with you 20 ideas to grow your Intima catalog sales business and a few months later, 20 more ideas to grow your direct sales business . To help you organize your third month with Intima catalog sales, here is a calendar with 20 ideas to help you grow your catalog sales!

Calendar to Grow your Sales with Intima

Arm yourself with a calendar, add one a day on only five of the seven days of the week. Now get excited, and grow your Intima catalog sales with these ideas. Remember to add trying to close a sale every day of the week. Forward!

Task Calendar for Week 1: Grow your Sales!

Day 41. Invite at least 20 people from the list you made on day 1 to a meeting at your catalog sales house.

Day 42. Invite all your new Facebook friends to Like your Fan Page you created on Day 3 for your business (or transform your personal page into a fan page).

Day 43. Add a comment with a photo to your brand new Facebook page. Note how you can put it on a Calendar. Prepare one for each day of the week and put them on the calendar.

Day 44. Visit the hair salons in your neighborhood and tell them about your catalog sales business. Ask their permission to show it to their clients. If you are more daring with business, tell them that for every sale they make they will get some money or a gift (and keep your word).

Day 45. Repeat the actions of day 11 but with other friends. Ask three friends if they can organize a meeting at their house and invite their acquaintances to show your catalog.

Task Calendar for Week 2: Grow your Sales!

Day 46. Film your products and upload the video to your YouTube channel. You can wear your brand new shoes from Stefano di Roma or show off the new decoration of your room with bedspreads and curtains from Intima.

Day 47. If you don't have a Facebook business page, consider starting one. Did you know that you can sell your products directly from Face? Find out how they work in this article.

Day 48. Prepare an email with the news from Intima and some promotion on your part. Use the discounts that Intima offers you to encourage your sales! Send it to your clients.

Day 49. Call at least five people on your list of your best customers (day 23), tell them about your new products and find out if they need anything.

Day 50. Look for your children at school or your husband at work. Take the catalog with you and show it to at least one person you didn't know.

Task Calendar for Week 3: Grow your Sales!

Day 51. Organize your office, your lists and put your papers in order. Check out the new Catalog updates, make sure you download the App to your cell phone so you don't miss out on any offers! All's fair in sales and love, right? ;)

Day 52. ​​Have you already liked the Intima Facebook page? Do you follow us on Pinterest and Twitter? You never know where that information can come from that is so useful to improve and grow your catalog sales business.

Day 53. Prepare and have everything ready for the catalog sales meeting you organized on Day 41.

Day 54. Add 10 more people to your contact book.

Day 55. Prepare and put your calendar with more updates for your Facebook page.

Task Calendar for Week 4: Grow your Sales!

Day 56. Call the people who attended your meeting at home, thank them for coming and ask them if they are interested in purchasing any products. For those who purchased your products, provide them with a status of their purchase.

Day 57. Track your orders. Call or email your customers and notify them of the status of their purchases.

Day 58. Read a couple of articles from the Intima blog on the topic you need most at this moment. Remember, practice and learn little by little and very soon your business will have grown tremendously!

Day 59. Reconnect with the 5 people you contacted on Day 33. Give them your catalog and try to close at least one sale. (IF you wish, read this article on sales closing techniques)

Day 60. The month is over! Add up how much you sold. Was it what you expected? Reflect on what you can do to achieve your goals. If it was more than you thought you would achieve, aim for something bigger next month!

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